Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Curious Case of Khan and Keyes

They Called Her Styrene – Ed Ruscha (2001) ©Doug Keyes

We received and email this afternoon, from Mario M. Muller,  an artist, curator and dealer. He's also the writer of a blog with the wonderful monika – Truffle Hunting. It's not about food, but the analogy is wonderfully perceptive, as it relates to his cultural/critical textual meanderings through and across the highly subjective and contentious terrain of the artworld.

Anyhow, back to the email. Mr Muller contacted the gallery to alert us to a text he had published on February 28th, 2013. Apparently he alerted us to it last month, but alas that message ended up in some spam/junk folder (goodness knows what else might be lurking there). Today's message dropped into our In Box, exactly as it should have done.  It's an interesting and well written piece that examines the photographs of Idris Khan and Doug Keyes, amongst other things.

Here is the opening paragraph to the text that he wrote:
The Curious Case of Khan and Keyes, by Mario M. Fuller
"Admittedly it sounds like a law firm: Khan and Keys, perhaps a firm specializing in intellectual property. But Idris Khan and Doug Keyes are both photographers, fine artists practicing their craft in a landscape of financial inequities, ephemeral reputations and absurdly subjective barometers of value and success. And as is so often the case in this murky world, scale and context often drown out resonant artistic investigation. " –Mario M. Muller
You can read the full text on his blog by clicking here.

And ... you may know our mantra: see it • love it • buy it

The work of Doug Keyes can be viewed online here, and to see the actual artworks, contact the gallery to arrange a time to view the pieces we have in the inventory.

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