Sunday, March 31, 2013

AIPAD 2013: Simon Roberts

Weston-Super-Mare Grand (2011) ©Simon Roberts
from the Pierdom series

Simon Roberts (b.1974) is well known for his expansive landscape photographs and wide-ranging surveys, that communicate on important social, economic and political issues. His Motherland series was received to critical acclaim, with We English having toured to more than thirty venues internationally.

He is the recipient of the Vic Odden Award in 2007 amongst others, and his work is held in numerous collections including the George Eastman House in Rochester, New York.

His work is the subject of two monographs, Motherland in 2007 and We English in 2009, both published by Chris Boot Ltd.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

AIPAD 2013: Jim Naughten

Herero Woman in Patchwork Dress (2012) ©Jim Naughten
from the Hereros series

The photographs of Jim Naughten (b.1969) are concerned with his abiding interest in collective perceptions of history and relationships with the past. 

In the two bodies of work produced thus far, he has made portraits of subjects, whereby their costumes/clothing perform a significant role in their respective, collective identities. 

He is an internationally-exhibited artist, including a solo exhibition at the Imperial War Museum in London. His photographs are the subject of two monographs, Re-enactors published by Hotshoe Books in 2009 and Conflict and Costume by Merrell in 2013.

Friday, March 29, 2013

AIPAD 2013: Brad Moore

Rose Room, Tustin, California (2008) ©Brad Moore

Brad Moore's (b.1958) photographs demonstrate a sophisticated sense of muted color and use of formal composition.
Though his sensibility is utilitarian, he succeeds in finding contrast and beauty in everyday environments and accentuating the passage of time on the built environment—specifically that of inland surburbia in Southern California. His repertoire is consistently fresh in approach, yet maintains a singular vision. 

Awards include the Lens Culture International Exposure Award for a Single Image in 2009, and his work is held in a number of collections including the SFMoMa.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

AIPAD 2013: Doug Keyes

Noonday Demon – Andrew Solomon (2010) ©Doug Keyes
from the Collective Memory series

Doug Keyes (b.1964) is best known for his Collective Memory series of photographs, in which he condenses the content of a book into one photograph, through the use of multiple exposure.

The photographs, re-presented at the same size as the original book, provide a wonderful symphony of luminous color and texture, of opaque pages rendered transparent, concealing as much as they reveal.

His work can be found in the Akron Art Museum and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art amongst others. Collective Memory was published as a monograph in 2008 by Decode Books.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

AIPAD 2013: Cornelia Hediger

07.10.09 (2009) ©Cornelia Hediger
from the Doppelgänger II series

With a confident and assertive authorship, Cornelia Hediger’s (b.1967) photographs are richly colorful and impeccably made.

Her photographs are an exploration of the uncanny, constructed through complex pictorial narratives, consisting of  segmented tableau vivants that are combined into a single composition. In each artwork the central characters—doppelgängers—are interwoven into a performative psychological struggle, displaying an undercurrent of the sinister, of angst and moral ambiguity.  

The photographs display a sophisticated use of illusory space and costume, that draw the viewer into a directed yet oblique storytelling.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

AIPAD 2013: Max de Esteban

Delicate Intelligences (2009) ©Max de Esteban
from the Elegies of Manumission series

The work of Max de Esteban (b.1959) is organized into two distinct boies: Elegies of Manumission and Propositions. The Elegies raise social and political questions through symbolic portraiture. The Propositions deal with contemporary art issues, such as the obsolete objects used to create or communicate art. 

A former Fulbright Scholar, in 2010 he was awarded the Spanish National Award of Professional Photography Gold LUX. Solo exhibitions of his work have been presented in Spain, Slovakia, Argentina, France and the US.

His monograph, Elegies of Manumission, was published by Nazraeli Press in February 2012. More recently, his work has been acquired by the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Monday, March 25, 2013

AIPAD 2013: Antony Crossfield

Screen (2009) ©Antony Crossfield

Antony Crossfield’s (b.1972) work explores the relationship between the body and identity, while also questioning traditional conceptions of corporeality and the male nude.

In Crossfield’s photography the body is presented as unstable, ambiguous and permeable. The body’s boundaries are questioned and the closure and integrity of the self is placed in doubt. Taken from multiple viewpoints, he compresses several photographs into a single frame.

In 2008 he was the recipient of The Independent Photographer’s Terry O’Neill Award. Notable institutions exhibiting his work include the National Portrait Gallery (London, UK) and Fulham Palace (London, UK).

Sunday, March 24, 2013

AIPAD 2013: John Blakemore

 Tulipomania, No. 2 (1994) ©John Blakemore

Recognized as a master photographer, a craftsman printer and considered by many to be a ‘national treasure’ of Britain, John Blakemore (b.1936) is that rare photographer to whom the moniker—living legend—can be applied.

With a career spanning some fifty-five years, he is celebrated for his unique and elegant style, particularly his richly detailed and nuanced still lifes and landscapes.

John Blakemore’s photographs are the subject of five monographs, including a retrospective published in 2011. He was awarded the prestigious Fox Talbot Award in 1992, and in 2010 his archive was purchased ‘for the British nation’ by the Birmingham Central Library (UK).

Saturday, March 23, 2013

SPOTLIGHT Jennifer B. Hudson

Jennifer B. Hudson is a young artist, whom we met at the Photo Lucida Portfolio Review (Portland, Oregon) two years ago. We were immediately struck by her photographs, and particularly her Medic series. We admire their complex construction, the exquisite quality of her printing, the intimacy of scale and the understated, yet overwhelming  narrative.

Untitled 1(extraction) from the Medic series (2010) ©Jennifer B. Hudson

This is an excerpt from her statement about the Medic series:
"Medic is a sensitive, intricate glimpse into human relationships during times of need and recovery and a complex, heartfelt exploration of sacrificial love. The work began wholly on one sentence whispered by my husband while we were enduring deeply frightening times together. He held my hand, lay close to me and said softly "I just wish I could take the pain from your body, and put it into mine."   I have been fortunate to know incredible love all my life, but at that moment I became suddenly and intensely aware of the magnificent power that exists between people who care for one another.  When I was anxious and fighting to fall asleep each night, I began to invent miracle machines; contraptions that heal, deliver hope, legacy, remedy, and redemption. Each image from Medic is a thoughtful invention, strange and tender, revealing facets of the delicate human heart".–Jennifer B. Hudson

Untitled 7(messanger) from the Medic series (2010) ©Jennifer B. Hudson

The complete series of Medic, is available to view online and in-person at the gallery.

Photographs are available as follows:

10" x 10" image on 11" x 11" sheet
Edition of 10 + 2 AP's
Pigment Print on Hahnemühle Bamboo Paper
Prices increase as the editions sell

The AIPAD Photo Fair

We're delighted to be attending the AIPAD Photo Show at the Park Avenue Armory, New York. It will be our debut presentation at this esteemed event. We're very excited to be presenting a selection of outstanding photographic artworks, by several of our gallery artists. Please return to our blog throughout the remainder of March, to read some short profiles about each of the artists that we'll be showing.

If you're attending the photo show, be sure to come and see us in Booth 433.
Please find below information regarding show dates/times and ticket prices.

The AIPAD Photography Show New York
Park Avenue Armory • Park Avenue at 67th Street

OPENING NIGHT GALA (benefitting inMotion) – Wednesday, April 3rd
5pm - 9pm: $250 (includes Run-of-Show pass + catalogue)
7pm - 9pm: $100 (includes one Day Pass)

Thursday, April 4: 11am – 7pm
Friday, April 5: 11am – 7pm
Saturday, April 6: 11am – 7pm
Sunday, April 7: 11am – 6pm

Run-Of-Show Pass | $50
Includes exhibition access for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, plus one catalogue.
Does not include panel discussions.

Day Pass | $30
Only includes exhibition access for Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Student Pass | $10
Only includes exhibition access for Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
Valid student ID required.

For additional information:
+1 202 367 1158 | |

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Simon Roberts' Best Shot

Screen grab from The Guardian website. ©The Guardian

Gallery artist, Simon Roberts, is interviewed by Sarah Phillips for The Guardian. The interview is part of newspaper's insightful My Best Shot series, in which photographers talk about a specifc photograph they've made.
"The print is 2m across, so when it's exhibited, you can see all the other details – such as the mini versions of Stonehenge, the Magna Carta, Nelson's column and Big Ben decorating each jump. All these elements come together to provide a theatrical presentation of the history of Britain. The image itself looks painterly and unreal, like an extreme digital composition, while overhead there's a sinister black blob: an eye-in-the-sky TV camera reminding us that this whole event is actually a stage set.".–Simon Roberts
The interview in The Guardian can be read in full here.

If you're in London, Simon Roberts' photograph is currently on show in the well received  exhibition, Landmark: The Fields of Photogpraphy, which we posted about here. Reviews of the exhibition, including mentions of Simon Roberts, have appeared in the Financial Times and The Independent.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Curious Case of Khan and Keyes

They Called Her Styrene – Ed Ruscha (2001) ©Doug Keyes

We received and email this afternoon, from Mario M. Muller,  an artist, curator and dealer. He's also the writer of a blog with the wonderful monika – Truffle Hunting. It's not about food, but the analogy is wonderfully perceptive, as it relates to his cultural/critical textual meanderings through and across the highly subjective and contentious terrain of the artworld.

Anyhow, back to the email. Mr Muller contacted the gallery to alert us to a text he had published on February 28th, 2013. Apparently he alerted us to it last month, but alas that message ended up in some spam/junk folder (goodness knows what else might be lurking there). Today's message dropped into our In Box, exactly as it should have done.  It's an interesting and well written piece that examines the photographs of Idris Khan and Doug Keyes, amongst other things.

Here is the opening paragraph to the text that he wrote:
The Curious Case of Khan and Keyes, by Mario M. Fuller
"Admittedly it sounds like a law firm: Khan and Keys, perhaps a firm specializing in intellectual property. But Idris Khan and Doug Keyes are both photographers, fine artists practicing their craft in a landscape of financial inequities, ephemeral reputations and absurdly subjective barometers of value and success. And as is so often the case in this murky world, scale and context often drown out resonant artistic investigation. " –Mario M. Muller
You can read the full text on his blog by clicking here.

And ... you may know our mantra: see it • love it • buy it

The work of Doug Keyes can be viewed online here, and to see the actual artworks, contact the gallery to arrange a time to view the pieces we have in the inventory.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Jim Naughten – Interviews & Acquisitions

Our artist, Jim Naughten – in case you haven't noticed – has been kept very busy this past few weeks, having been booked solidly for interviews with a range of different publicatons. We were fortunate to be able to squeeze in an interview for At Length magazine, just prior to the opening of Conflict and Costume, here at the gallery. You can read the interview here.

The Morning News have also just published an interview, including a slide show of photographs. This interview can be read here.

If you haven't had an opportunity to view the exhibition, there's plenty of time. The show runs through to May 4, 2013. Sales of the photographs have been 'robust', so if you have an interest in acquiring artworks from this new series, we recommend you talk to us very soon, as the prices increase as the editions sell.

Herero Women in Patchwork Dresses (2012) ©Jim Naughten

20" x 24", Edition of 10 + 2 AP's
41" x 50", Edition of 3 + 2 AP's

14" x 30", Edition of 10 + 2 AP's
24" x 50", Edition of 5 + 2 AP's

We're also delighted to have on display in our viewing room, a selection of photographs from the Re-enactors series, which formed Jim Naughten's first monograph, published by Hotshoe in 2009, and his first solo exhibition at the gallery in 2010.

Civilian with Black Fox Fur (2008) ©Jim Naughten
17 5/8" x 23 3/4", Edition of 10 + 2 AP's

PANORAMAS (Battle Scenes)
21.5" x 59 1/8, Edition of 5 + 2 AP's

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Le Journal de la Photographie Interviews Jim Naughten

In today's issue of Le Journal de la Photographie, Miss Rosen interviews Jim Naughten about his acclaimed new series of photographs, depicting the Herero people of Namibia. His exhibition, here at the gallery, opens in two days. It's installed, and we don't mind saying that it looks rather magnificant!

"Costume. How we define ourselves when we stand upon the world’s stage and read from the scripts we draft. In donning an ensemble, we assume a posture, an attitude, an aesthetic that we accept as how we see ourselves, and how we wish to be seen. Costume can shape identity the way the corset shapes a woman’s waist. It can take hold and command a sense of respect, of pride, and of purpose, and in this way it can become the most subversive thing on earth".–Miss Rosen, March 2013.

“I see the clothes as symbolic of survival and strength, but particularly of a kind of defiance. In that sense, they are heroic. The taking and wearing of their enemies clothing is considered a way of absorbing and diminishing their power. They march and drill after the German fashion of the period, and ride horseback with extraordinary skill (horses were introduced by the settlers). To me the Herero are undiminished and have an extraordinary grace and presence”. –Jim Naughten

Screen grab from Le Journal de la Photographie ©Le Journal de la Photographie 2011

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sir Paul Smith says ...

Here at the Klompching Gallery we're not only passionate about photography. We have a great love for the visual arts and this extends to design, including product design (furniture, books, kitchen tools, fashion ... ). There's nothing better than experiencing beautiful objects! One of our favorite stores in New York is the Paul Smith outlet on Fifth Avenue. We love to peruse all that is on offer – often salivating (metaphorically, of course!) over more that can be purchased! One of the delights of the store, is looking through the selection of art books. We're usually impressed with the selection of what is stocked.

So, when we learned that Sir Paul has a copy of Jim Naughten's photo book, Conflict and Costume (Merrell, 2013), we were not only suitably impressed that he had a copy, but bowled over that he 'loves' it! Merrell Publishers have produced a great book, that celebrates a truly accomplished series of photographs by our gallery artist.

One of the many accomplishments of Jim Naughten's Hereros series, is the extent to which it reaches out to such a wide audience. The fashion aspect is one, and is so multifarious in meaning itself, that it should be celebrated!

"I really love my new book, Conflict and Costume: The Herero Tribe of Namibia, by Jim Naughten. It is an amazing visual publication, showing this tribe's magnificant costumes, which are a real fashion statement. Words won't do this book justice: you have to see it for yourself". –Sir Paul Smith (March 12, 2013)

Screen grab from Mr Porter web page. ©2013 Mr Porter.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Helen Sear Exhibits at Fototropia

Helen Sear has been selected for an exhibition at Fototropia in Guatamala. The curatorial statement for Fototropia's inaugural exhibition states:

"We invite the Guatemalan public to be a part of an exhibit without precedent in our country, which looks to break traditional art schemes and create a new physical and mental state for the art scene in our region ... We believe in organizing an exhibit that allows the interpretation of the art from a personal point of view creating a new critical way of thinking about image".

In addition to more recent artworks, the curators have selected photographs from Sear's extensive archive, including the Spot series. This series was commissioned by Wollaton Hall in Nottinghamshire (UK).

Spot 1 (2003) ©Helen Sear

The intention of this series of portraits was to emulate their human counterparts, the hall’s ancestors, and to challenge the dominant position of human over animal. The photographs have been reconstructed digitally, masking over the eyes of the ornithological specimens. By intervening in the process of looking – an ongoing theme of Sear's overall artistic practice – the viewer is forced to question their relationship between themselves and the viewed

The exhibition opened on March7th, and continues through April 22nd, 2013.
If you have an interest in acquiring artworks from the Spot series, please contact the gallery.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tessa Bunney exhibits at Galeria Ratamo

Vuorilammen sauna and ice swimming hole, Jyväskylä, Finland (2010) ©Tessa Bunney

Gallery artist, Tessa Bunney, continues to be interested in the relationship of people to their environment and is currently working on new photographs in Laos. In the meantime, her Lakeice series continues to be well received, and is now being exhibited at the Galeria Ratamo in Jyväskylä, Finland. It's part of a group exhibition entitled Inostaa/Inspire and has toured to Finland from the United Kingdom.
"My aim with the project Järvenjää/Lakeice was to explore interrelations between people and their immediate environment; allowing the viewer to reflect on diverse uses of natural landscapes within the city.  To achieve this work I spent every day walking and travelling by local bus around Jyväskylä to the many lakes in and around the city. Initially, I’m working like a street photographer – nothing is predetermined; the series is built up by spending time out there experiencing changes in the weather and responding to what I see and the people I meet.  Later I spent time with the groups of ice swimmers who meet several times a week to relax, take a sauna and swim in a hole in the ice.

Sometimes in blizzard conditions and always in temperatures of between -5 and -20, this often meant wading knee deep in snow across frozen lakes to reach my chosen destination. I was fascinated with how the frozen lakes had transformed the city and they had become a temporary urban park with its specially constructed ice skating track with other more random paths carved out by ski-ers, dog walkers and pedestrians making short cuts from the houses on the otherside of the city.  The division between the land and water had disappeared". –Tessa Bunney

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Announcing Klompching Editions

We're delighted to announce a new initiative, through which the gallery will occasionally make available, a special edition of a photograph.

The special editions will vary from an artist's regular edition – through a variation of the edition size, print type and scale of the artwork. Our special editions are specifically developed with the young and/or new collector in mind, presenting an entry-level option to invest in a high caliber artwork.

We're launching Klompching Editions with Herero Woman In Yellow Dress, by Jim Naughten.

Herero Woman in Yellow Dress (2012) ©Jim Naughten


Title: Herero Woman in Yellow Dress (2012)
Size: 10" x 12.3" image on 11" x 14" sheet
Medium: Archival Pigment Print
Paper: Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl
Ink: Epson Ultrachrome HDR
Printer: Gotham Imaging, New York
Provenance: Direct from the artist
Edition: 50
Price: $300 USD
Certificate of Authenticity signed by Artist + Gallery Stamp

Click here to acquire this stunning photograph!

We're including a signed complimentary copy of Conflict and Costume (Merrell, 2013) with the first TEN prints purchased, as long as the order is received before March 16th (EST).

108 pages
75 illustrations, 70 in color, 1 map
29 x 25 cm (11.5 x 9.75 in)
ISBN: 978-1-8589-4600-9
Published March 2013
Retail value: $50 USD