Friday, August 17, 2012

FRESH 2012: The Partners

Now in its second year, our annual summer exhibition has been expanded to take account of the three key platforms by which photography is exhibited, published and disseminated.

Although the focus of FRESH will always remain the physical exhibition itself, these new avenues for secondary audiences bring extra benefits to the photographers selected.

The gallery's three-pronged approach then, encompasses the following platforms

WALL: Klompching Gallery, July 25—August 18, 2012
PAGE: Blink Magazine, August 2012
INTERNET: Flak Photo Online, August 2012

We are delighted to be working with two excellent partners.

BLINK magazine features the latest exhibitions and artists in the international contemporary photography spotlight. BLINK presents a straightforward layout, high quality offset printing, no advertising and in-depth interviews with artists. BLINK magazine is published and edited by ARam Kim.

Flak Photo is an online art space and digital photo publication that celebrates the culture of 21st century image-making. Produced by Andy Adams, the site presents the work of artists, curators and bookmakers to a global audience of people who are passionate about visual culture.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

FRESH 2012: The Artists


Image ©Martin Bogren

Martin Bogren presents Lowlands—moody black & white photographs of his childhood village in the province of Sk√•ne (Sweden). Although the mode of photographing is documentary, his vision is highly personalized.

Natural History

Image ©Barbara Ciurej & Lindsay Lochman 

The creative partnership of Barbara Ciurej & Lindsay Lochman represent an increasing concern in contemporary photography, regarding the photographic object. Natural History is a series of portraits, whereby pigment prints have been overlayed with cyanotypes.

Origins of an Emotion

Image ©Monika Merva
With Origins of an Emotion, Monika Merva states that she is looking to photograph "subjects that evoke quiet emotional intensity."

Flicker (Series 1)

Image ©Shawn Rocco

 Flicker (Series 1) is Shawn Rocco's 'portrait' of the flickering illumination of fluorescent lights, existing below the threshold of human perception, but made visible through the act of photographing.


Image ©Tabitha Soren

For Tabitha Soren, her Running series is an exploration of panic, mortality, resilience and the role of the accident in life. the photographs are as much about what is outside of the frame, as what is happening inside it. 

FRESH 2012: Guest Curator

The annual summer exhibition, FRESH, is currently on show. We are delighted to be working with Fred Bidwell, who co-curated the exhibition with Darren Ching.

L-R: Lindsay Lochman, Monika Merva, Fred Bidwell,
Darren Ching, Barbara Ciurej, Shawn Rocco.

Fred Bidwell (with Laura Ruth Bidwell) is a respected and active collector of contemporary photo-based art and has amassed an extensive collection by European and North American artists. The Bidwells‘ philanthropy in the arts includes the sponsorship of current work by contemporary artists.

In 2012, The Fred and Laura Ruth Bidwell Foundation established The Transformer Station in Cleveland (Ohio), in collaboration with The Cleveland Museum of Art, which will serve as a venue for contemporary photography, including artworks from the Bidwell Projects.