Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sir Paul Smith says ...

Here at the Klompching Gallery we're not only passionate about photography. We have a great love for the visual arts and this extends to design, including product design (furniture, books, kitchen tools, fashion ... ). There's nothing better than experiencing beautiful objects! One of our favorite stores in New York is the Paul Smith outlet on Fifth Avenue. We love to peruse all that is on offer – often salivating (metaphorically, of course!) over more that can be purchased! One of the delights of the store, is looking through the selection of art books. We're usually impressed with the selection of what is stocked.

So, when we learned that Sir Paul has a copy of Jim Naughten's photo book, Conflict and Costume (Merrell, 2013), we were not only suitably impressed that he had a copy, but bowled over that he 'loves' it! Merrell Publishers have produced a great book, that celebrates a truly accomplished series of photographs by our gallery artist.

One of the many accomplishments of Jim Naughten's Hereros series, is the extent to which it reaches out to such a wide audience. The fashion aspect is one, and is so multifarious in meaning itself, that it should be celebrated!

"I really love my new book, Conflict and Costume: The Herero Tribe of Namibia, by Jim Naughten. It is an amazing visual publication, showing this tribe's magnificant costumes, which are a real fashion statement. Words won't do this book justice: you have to see it for yourself". –Sir Paul Smith (March 12, 2013)

Screen grab from Mr Porter web page. ©2013 Mr Porter.

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