Saturday, March 9, 2013

Helen Sear Exhibits at Fototropia

Helen Sear has been selected for an exhibition at Fototropia in Guatamala. The curatorial statement for Fototropia's inaugural exhibition states:

"We invite the Guatemalan public to be a part of an exhibit without precedent in our country, which looks to break traditional art schemes and create a new physical and mental state for the art scene in our region ... We believe in organizing an exhibit that allows the interpretation of the art from a personal point of view creating a new critical way of thinking about image".

In addition to more recent artworks, the curators have selected photographs from Sear's extensive archive, including the Spot series. This series was commissioned by Wollaton Hall in Nottinghamshire (UK).

Spot 1 (2003) ©Helen Sear

The intention of this series of portraits was to emulate their human counterparts, the hall’s ancestors, and to challenge the dominant position of human over animal. The photographs have been reconstructed digitally, masking over the eyes of the ornithological specimens. By intervening in the process of looking – an ongoing theme of Sear's overall artistic practice – the viewer is forced to question their relationship between themselves and the viewed

The exhibition opened on March7th, and continues through April 22nd, 2013.
If you have an interest in acquiring artworks from the Spot series, please contact the gallery.

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