Friday, September 14, 2012

HELEN SEAR: Sightlines

We're very pleased to be kicking off the new season with a fantastic exhibition of new work by Helen Sear. Two bodies of work are being shown.  

Sightlines, completed in 2011, are small-scale artworks—pigment prints with acrylic gesso—that confound our expectations in the most delightful way. As a viewer of the work, the relationship with each photograph is intimate, yet active. Showing in the rear gallery space, the linear presentation clearly demonstrates the reiteration of color and form, figure and ground, the visible and the unseen—all themes that recur across the artist's practice.

Sightlines, Untitled 16 ©Helen Sear 2011

Pastoral Monuments, showing in the front gallery space, is a wonderful reference to the historical photographs of the botanist and photographer, Mary Dillwyn. Sear brings the arrangement and photographing of flowers in domestic crockery, right up-to-date within her own conceptual framework.

Pastoral Monument 6, Daucus Carota ©Helen Sear 2012

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