Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SPOTLIGHT Simon Roberts

 Blackpool South, from Pierdom series. ©2011 Simon Roberts

We are pleased to announce the release of a new series of photographs, Pierdom, by Simon Roberts. This new series of photographs follows Roberts' acclaimed We English series, that was concerned with the culture of leisure in contemporary English society.

 Eastbourne, from Pierdom series. ©2011 Simon Roberts

With Pierdom, Roberts turns his camera to a specific architectural remnant that bears witness to leisure of the past—not just in England, but around Britain. Mostly built in the 19th Century along the coastline of Britain, these piers were originally constructed as landing docks for pleasure steamers, but progressively catered to the needs of seaside day-trippers, who were escaping the grime and smog of the cities. In their heyday, the 'pleasure piers' incorporated cafes, casinos, theaters and even tramways.

Weston-Super-Mare Grand, from Pierdom series. ©2011 Simon Roberts

The portfolio of 15 photographs will be available to view in the next week and will be uploaded to the gallery website and promoted widely at that time. The quality of the work is outstanding and, based on the strong sales of Roberts' photographs from the We English and Motherland series, we recommend an early purchase.

For a preview of the photographs, please contact the gallery directly.

The Pierdom photographs are available in the following editions:

48" x 60", Edition of 4 + 1 AP
20" x 24", Edition of 7 + 2 AP's
11" x 14" Box Set of 15 Prints, Edition of 9 + 2 AP's

The photographs are C-Types, (Fuji Crystal Archive).
Prices increase as the editions sell.

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