Tuesday, November 1, 2011

SPOTLIGHT Max de Esteban

We are delighted to be working with Spanish artist, Max de Esteban, and to present his first solo exhibition in New York with Proposition One: Only The Ephemeral. This is his most recent body of work, that contributes to an overall artistic practice that explores socio-political concepts within visual structures of serialization and repetition.

PO9 from the Proposition One series. ©2011 Max de Esteban

"In constructing this photo-installation my concerns are: the consequences of today's accelerated embracement of new technologies and formats in the art practice; the political implications of technical and functional obsolescence; and the conflicts involved in the concept of progress".— Max de Esteban

PO8 from the Proposition One series. ©2011 Max de Esteban

Through a time-consuming and meticulous process, Max de Esteban disassembles apparatus such as film projectors, 35mm film cameras, VHS tape and record players. Piece-by-piece, the parts are painted white, the machines are then reassembled and photographed at different stages of being re-built. The photographed layers are themselves assembled into a single image, resulting in x-ray-like photographs that are reminiscent of architectural cyanotype plans.

 PO16 from the Proposition One series. ©2011 Max de Esteban

The resulting photographs are exquisite pigment prints that provide us with a rare glimpse into the internal workings of retro technology—at once beautiful for their simplicity and yet ingenuously complex in their design. They bring to mind the idea of a technological taxidermy; not at all nostalgic but certainly a form of embalming that calls references the photograph as memento mori.

Exhibition Dates: October 26th—December 9th.

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