Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Saturday, November 19th, 4pm

Please join us on Saturday, November 19th, for an artist talk to be given by Odette England, on the final day of her solo exhibition, Excavations

"Preserving family history via photography is like archaeology: it involves the exposure, processing and recording of remains. But to uncover the truth of an image – or at least an interpretation of a truth – a ‘hunt’ or ‘dig’ is required. 
'Excavations' explores the invisible social space of family storytelling through photography. I make c-prints in the darkroom of family pictures from expired Kodak film, as well as using original snapshots from the album, then carefully hand-sand them with various types of sandpaper. I aim to loosen the complexities of material encounter with intangible concepts. Mine is also a literal assault. I cross into taboo territory, the transgression and squeamish horror of destroying original personal possessions".—Odette England

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