Friday, April 8, 2016


Americas, 2015

Series Title: Maps
Number of artworks at AIPAD: 1
Edition: 9 + 2AP
Size: 36" x 36"
Medium: Archival Pigment Print
Year: 2015

The artist's creative process includes the transformation of outdated, abandoned and obsolete books into coiled, crumpled and sculptural objects. Following this labor-intensive reconfiguration, she photographs them and presents the final artworks as large-scale pigment prints – lush in color, highly detailed and impressive.

With this new series of photographs, Barer expands her attention to include cartography. Using maps as the primary source material, she paints, rips and tears them before binding them into a book form and resulting photograph. As with the status of books, she calls attention to the increasing obsolescence of traditional paper-based maps, in a world easily travelled with GPS.

Cara Barer (b. 1956) lives and works in Houston, Texas. She is a graduate of the Art Institute of Houston, the University of Houston and the Galssell School of Art. Barer has been represented in numerous exhibitions across the US, and has had her work reproduced in several publications, including Art Made From Books: Altered, Sculpted, Carved (Chronicle Books, 2013). Collections holding her work include VISA, UCLA Special Collections, Danielle Steel, Bloomingdales, Lehigh University, Nordstrom’s Nationwide, Wells Fargo Bank and Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, among others.

Additional editions available: 48"x48" & 24"x24" | 9+2AP each size

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