Tuesday, October 13, 2015


We are delighted to announce, that we are now representing Richard Tuschman. We have previously exhibited Tuschman's photographs in "About Face: The Portrait in Contemporary Photography" in Fall 2014.

Richard Tuschman is best known for his Hopper Meditations series, a lushly colorful body of work, inspired by the paintings of Edward Hopper. These meticulously constructed photographs are made from a combination of hand-built doll-house sized dioramas, and life-size models that have been digitally composited into the resulting scenes.

"I have always loved the way Hopper’s paintings, with an economy of means, are able to address the mysteries and complexities of the human condition. Placing one or two figures in humble, intimate settings, he created quiet scenes that are psychologically compelling with open-ended narratives. The characters’ emotional states can seem to waver paradoxically between reverie and alienation, or perhaps between longing and resignation. Dramatic lighting heightens the emotional overtones, but any final interpretation is left to the viewer".–Richard Tuschman

With Tuschman's photographs, we witness a more sombre mood than Hopper, lighting that is less harsh and artworks that point to other key inspirations of the artist, such as the chiaroscuro paintings of Rembrandt. Although the figures depicted in the Hopper Meditations are rooted in the mid-twentieth century, these intimate dramas evoke timeless and universal themes such as solitude, alienation and longing. The open narratives make these photographs wide-reaching in their appeal to a broad audience. 

Richard Tuschman (b. 1955) began experimenting with digital imaging in the early 1990’s, developing a style that synthesized his interests in photography, painting and assemblage. Tuschman holds a BFA (Michigan University) and has been exhibited widely, both in the US and internationally. Accolades and awards include Prix de la Photographie Paris (Gold Medal, People's Choice), Critical Mass Top 50, International Kontinent Awards (1st Place, Fine Art Projects) and Center Project Launch Juror's Award (chosen by Roger Watson, Fox Talbot Museum) among others. His photographs have been published on numerous online magazines/journals including Slate, LensCuluture, LensScratch and Huffington Post. Richard Tuschman lives and works in New York City.

View the Hopper Meditations on the gallery website HERE.  

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