Friday, March 20, 2015


DOUG KEYES: PORTRAIT, March 5 – April 11 2015

Chuck Close, 2014 © Doug Keyes

"The Style that Keyes uses in his work originated from his Collective Memory series in which he used multiple exposures to collate the contents of art books into singular images. The continuation of this process has led to a collection of images, which detail the work of other artists, from Frida Kahlo, Alex Kats and Steve McCurry. Condensing the history of contempoary portraiture down into just a few images, he certainly progresses our undertstanding of whether portraiture can ever truly capture the truth to a person. Instead, he asks if portraiture can capture even a single truth of the sitters."—Daniel Meads, GUP.

Read the full article on the GUP website.

"The old adage, "one thing leads to another" applies to artist Doug Keyes' latest project, "Portrait." The complex, multi-layering of a single image was a process he used in his "Collective Memory" series ... With "Portrait", Keyes creates entirely new faces from otherwise recognizable and iconic images."

Read the full article with slide show on PDN Photo of the Day website.

"I get excited when someone sees my work and they just "get it". No explanation, just an intuitive response based on their history."—Doug Keyes.

Read a short interview with Doug Keyes on the Dumbo Life & Style website.

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