Thursday, March 13, 2014


More Press for "A Field Guide To Snow and Ice"
Exhibition continues to March 29th, 2014

"Ms McCartney creates pictures of snow and ice, or what looks like snow and ice, and presents them as modest-format prints".—William Meyers, March 2014.

Read the full review on the Wall Street Journal website.

"While not the factual discourse implied by its title, Paula McCartney’s “Field Guide to Snow and Ice” explores the photographic illusions of snow and ice".—Ed Barnas, March 2014.

Read the full review on The New York Photo Review website.

"This guide includes images of frozen waterfalls and stalagmites, snowfalls and wildflowers, as well as other icy forms in order to explore and reinterpret natural structures and the way they can reference multiple ideas on both micro and macro levels".—Paula McCartney.

Read the full feature on the Landscape Stories website.

Ice Floe #5, 2008 © Paula McCartney

View the series on the gallery website here.

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