Thursday, November 7, 2013


Max de Esteban is featured in Issue #29 of BLINK Magazine, with the Vertige series of photographs, which were introduced at the 2013 AIPAD Photo Show.  The series is not yet available to view on the gallery website, but will be uploaded very soon.

The large-scale, highly-detailed photographs feature portraits, behind which is written excerpts from Romanian philosopher E.M. Cioran's 1964 La Cute dans Le Temps.

Artist Statement:
"Since the events after 9-11 the powers of economic globalization and the two greatest monotheist religions have taken over the world’s ideological leadership. The world that abandoned modernity as its meta-history was an easy prey to nihilism or dogma. It is in the context of the secular struggle between civilization and barbarism that we should consider current events. The civilized is insecure and skeptic, contradictions being both his greatness and weakness. In contrast the barbarian is slave to a belief felt with integral and exclusive passion and driven by totalitarian ambitions.This elegy is in essence a vindication of doubt as a crucial ethical value. Unsurprisingly deprecated today, it is the prime source of tolerance, progress, creativity and civilization. Doubt is arguably the origin of rebellion against darkness".—Max de Esteban

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