Thursday, May 2, 2013


Since 1903, the United Kingdom's Art Fund – the national fundraising charity for art – has helped over 700 museums and galleries throughtout the UK acquire thousands of great works of art from 2,000 BC to the present day for the public to enjoy.

In 2010, it assisted the Birmingham Central Library (Birmingham, UK), to acquire the John Blakemore Archive "for the British nation". This is what they've said about John Blakemore's life's work:

"This archive represents a unique collection of over 1,400 pieces relating to the life and work of one of Britain's most important photographers from photographs made in Libya in 1956 through to large colour works exhibited in 2002 and the rich selection of hand-made books made between 1984 and 2009". –Art Fund

 Amergen – The Garden In Winter, 1991 ©John Blakemore
12 1/4" x 16 3/8" (image size), vintage silver gelatin print, open edtion.

Klompching Gallery is the exclusive art dealer representing John Blakemore in the United States. We have an excellent range of his vintage photographs available, in addition to recently editioned photographs. All of his photographs are silver gelatin prints, hand-printed by the photographer himself.

You can read previous posts about John Blakemore on our blog here and here. To view the inventory of his artworks for acquisition purposes, please make an appointment with the gallery.  

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  1. I am amazed and very happy to find John Blakemore's work in this contemporary gallery, and to find out that there are posts about Mr. Blakemore on your blog. He is a huge favorite and thank you for making this material viewable online, since I live far away.