Tuesday, April 2, 2013

AIPAD 2013: Helen Sear

Beyond The View, No. 5 (2009) ©Helen Sear
from the Beyond The View series

Helen Sear's (b.1955) photographic practice has developed from a fine art background of performance, film and installation work made in the 1980's.

With her most recent photographs, Sightlines and Pastoral Monuments, Sear continues her commitment to conceptual applications, integration of photographic process, historical reference and visual allure.

Named in 2009 by Portfolio Catalogue, as one of the "50 most significant artist photographers in the UK," the recent publication, Helen Sear: Inside The View, published by Ffotogallery in 2012, surveys her 25+ year career and marks a period in which Sear is at her most productive.

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