Monday, November 26, 2012

Books for Christmas

We have a small collection of signed photo books in the gallery, featuring the work of our artists. The inventory includes both trade and special editions. If you admire the photographs of our artists, but perhaps are not quite in the market for purchasing their work just now, then we highly recommend their books as an alternative. They also make great gifts!

Book collecting itself is on the rise. It's a great way to discover work by emerging photographers and, with the explosion of self-publishing and independent publishing companies, there's a lot to choose from.

If you're interested in the investment potential, photo books are proving to be a good choice. The design and production values are often very high. As such, the print runs are quite small and they become out of print quite quickly.

For example: Motherland by our gallery artist, Simon Roberts,  published by Chris Boot Ltd., was sold for $40 in 2007. It's now out of print and difficult to find. A quick online search, found the book listed for anywhere between $400 - $800. Equivalent to a 1000%+ increase in value.

Below is a selection of photo books that we recommend. Additional information and the full list of books that we have can be viewed here.

WE ENGLISH — Simon Roberts
Special Edition Box Set
Limited Edition: 100 copies (10 AP's)
Price: $350 USD 

Print Run: 800
Price: $50 USD

BIRD WATCHING — Paula McCartney
Limited Edition: 40 copies
Hand-made by the artist. Price: $800 

Special Edition Box Set
Limited Edition: 100 copies
Price: $350 USD

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