Friday, October 26, 2012


Helen Sear's Sightlines

Sightlines is an extraordinary series, consisting of 21 small-scale photographs that confound our expectations. 

Sightlines ©2011 Helen Sear

Each photograph depicts the portrait of a woman, whose face is obscured by a mass-produced, but hand-painted figurine of a bird. Through obscuring the face of the woman in each image, Sear interrupts the gaze of both sitter and observer.

Sightlines, Untitled 21 ©2011 Helen Sear

The final photograph is applied with an application of several layers of white acrylic gesso, which calls to our attention the physical space of the photograph. Helen Sear presents a sophisticated use of the photograph as object, illustrating a highly developed understanding and treatment of how we look at and engage with art.

 Sightlines, Untitled 21 (DETAIL) ©2011 Helen Sear

Sightlines was completed in 2011, making their debut at the London Art Fair in January 2012. With Edition 1 already sold as a complete set and Edition 3 also being offered only as a set, the 2nd edition effectively becomes the only opportunity to acquire these artworks as individual pieces. Additionally, with the application of acrylic gesso, each of the Sightlines photographs are unique - albeit in a variant of three. 

This is an excellent opportunity to acquire artwork, by an artist who is recognized as one of the UK's most important contemporary artists working today.

Edition: 3 + 1 AP (AP nfs)
Size: 7.25" x 7.25"
Medium: Pigment Print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag & Acrylic Gesso
Year: 2011


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