Tuesday, July 16, 2013


The open call for the FRESH 2013 exhibition attracted 300+ submissions from all over the world. The quality of work, from which the final five photographers were selected, was exceptionally high. 

Ten photographers have been shortlisted and presented on the gallery's Online Showcase. Today, we introduce you to five of those artists, followed by an introduction to remaining five artists tomorrow.

Untitled #1 ©Julie Brook Alexander
Series Title: Juxtapositions (2013)
PHOTOGRAPHER’S WEBSITE: www.juliebrookalexander.com

"Heightened awareness of external and internal stimulation stirs the imagination of literary poets. Photography awakens that potential in me. I am an observer of details and a dreamer of possibilities. I look for connections in everything I see. When I combine different images, new meaning reveals itself. I find insight into the nature of the physical world and a person’s place in it. My seemingly simple compositions belie the complex evaluations of color, form, perspective, and narrative underlying them. My visual poems express world views in which the whole exceeds the sum of its parts".


Narrow Window, ©Mary Ellen Bartley
Series Title: Sea Change (2012-2013)

PHOTOGRAPHER’S WEBSITE: www.maryellenbartley.com

"In the Sea Change series I’m re-photographing images I’ve taken on my daily walks on the beach. Using only the natural light that enters my house I create multiple altered versions of the same seascapes. When I photograph the prints I look for happy accidents—moments when strong sunlight falling from skylights, squeezing through blinds, and projecting from windows draws and interacts with the surface of the paper and the image.I further explore the surface and materiality of the prints by folding, scratching or tearing them before shooting them again. The action taking place on the surface of the prints underscores the flatness of the photographs and the “drawing with light” that is the source of photography. The new photographs are still lifes of landscapes, and seem at once both vast and intimate".


Harmony II, ©Zhenjie Dong
Series Title: Recreating Myth (2012)
PHOTOGRAPHER’S WEBSITE: www.zhenjiedong.com

Recreating Myth intends to challenge the myths that are created by authority to provide univocal messages. I transform traditional Chinese signs and endow them with new meanings that address the social and political issues in contemporary China such as corruption and censorship. By using rotting and decaying symbolic plants as well as social and political oriented video, I create images that reconstruct myth of a harmonized and peaceful reality as found in traditional Chinese art forms. I create QR codes that link to social and political issues in contemporary China and embed them within my photographs. The QR codes, resembling traditional Chinese seals, not only express my criticism of Chinese authority but also allow the viewers to leave commentary. Through the processes of deconstruction and reconstruction, this project critically addresses the relationship between authority and myths, and provides an alternative to the author itative approach employed by Chinese government".

Paisaje Tropical de Invierno, ©Camilo Echavarria
Series Title: Illustrated Landscape
PHOTOGRAPHER’S WEBSITE: www.camiloechavarria.com

"The way we construct our vision of natural landscape, as well as the variety of implications inherent in its representation, are one of the main concerns that I intend to address in this project. Man is vital for the existence of landscape, without his presence nature is nothing more than an ensemble of mountains, rivers, clouds, etc. This allows us to assert that subjectivity and idealism is inevitably present in all landscapes, a feature that is evident in the majority of landscape representations throughout the history of painting. I am interested in constructing landscapes that transcend traditional photographic representation defined as an image which registers a determined fragment of space in a specific moment of time. I make landscapes in which the presence of man, either as observer, inhabitant or agent of transformation, manifests itself in different ways adding complexity and subjectivity to their meaning".

DH, ©Kenneth Golden
Series Title: Figurative Readings (2009–Present)
PHOTOGRAPHER’S WEBSITE: www.kennethseangolden.com

"I explore masculinity, sexuality. As a gay man. I am engaged in creating work that addresses today's sensibility. I remain inclusive. I am not interested in a separatist position. Text is used to underscore some of my concerns; the written language is screened back so the image is read through the text. In my work there is a density of elements, lending to a multiplicity of meanings, challenging and playing with how we see/read. I layer elements – some are my own, others are appropriated; opacity is adjusted. Often, parts of an image morph into another. Masking is utilized to both reveal and hide. Identity politics continues to define and elaborate on the diversity of our population. I find this diversity a point of celebration and one of inclusion. it adds to the articulation of who we are".

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