Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Jim Naughten in Photo District News

 Herero Women Marching (2012) ©Jim Naughten

Photo District News has profiled Jim Naughten's new series of photographs, depicting the Herero people of Namibia. The profile appears in the Exposures section of the March issue, currently on the newstands.

"For his new book, Jim Naugten created typological photographs of Namibia's Herero people, whose military and civilian clothes are symbols of their historic struggle against colonialism ... Naughten's full-length, typological portraits show women in beautiful dresses, men in dapper suits and hats, and soldiers and cadets in uniforms that recall Germany's colonial army, but that are accented with colorful reds and blues. The desert and cerulean sky lend a consistency to the backgrounds and serve to set off the colorful costumes ... Naughten's color palette lends the images an otherworldly quality, and there is something fantastic about the combination of the costumes and the stark desert." – Conor Risch

 Follow this link to the gallery website, where you can download the PDF of the original article.

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