Thursday, April 14, 2016


Couple In The Street, 2014

Series Title: Once Upon A Time In Kazimierz
Number of artworks at AIPAD: 1
Edition: 2 + 1AP
Size: 63"x43"
Medium: Archival Pigment Print
Year: 2014

Additional Editions: 24"x18" | 36"x24" | 5+1AP in each size.

While Tuschman continues to pay tribute to those artists who have inspired him—Balthus, Brandt, de Chirico, Vermeer—the series also demonstrates a significant development in Tuschman’s oeuvre. The artist’s Eastern European Jewish ancestors resided in the vicinity of Kazimierz until circa 1900, and this forms part of the basis for weaving together a fictional narrative with strands of cultural and family history.

Well known for his Hopper Meditations series, the artist’s process continues to be labor intensive and meticulous. The staged photographs result from a sophisticated marriage of miniature dioramas with life-size models. The sets are photographed after being hand-built by the artist over several months, with models photographed separately and composited into the scenes. The resulting photographs are visually stunning constructions, richly imbued with nuances of Jewish customs and a sense of place.

References to cinema and theatre resonate across the work. While the artworks are constructed in an exacting manner, they are also deliberately made to fall away from reality—enhancing their theatricality—and to project a level of the surreal and a dreamlike quality. Each image can also be seen to perform as a film still, with each part adding to a larger narrative arc. Once Upon a Time in Kazimierz, as a chronologically sequenced story, leaves just enough gaps and open-endedness, to enable the viewer to impose a tale of their own, highlighting in many respects, the fluidity of dreams and of memory.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Caetera Fumus, 2015

Edition: 5 + 2AP
Size: 41"x33"
Medium: C-Type mounted to plexi
Year: 2015
Helen Sear is renowned as one of Wales’ most significant contemporary artists. Her practice can be characterized by her exploration of the crossover between photography and fine art, her focus on the co-existence of the human, animal, and natural worlds.
With an exemplary track record for producing high quality, conceptually rigorous work, Helen Sear’s current work shows particular maturity and sophistication, seamlessly moving between expanded notions of photography, sculpture and video, with the artist exhibiting great command of different materials and production processes.
The photographic artwork pictured here, was showcased at the 56th Venice Biennale (2015), where she represented Wales with a solo exhibition in the Santa Maria Ausilliatrice. Caetera Fumus subtly references Mantegna’s third painting of Saint Sebastian, using it as a spatial guide onto which Sear has placed her own imagery and meaning. The vivid color of the rape seed, the red arrows piercing canvas and air rather than flesh, along with the clever layering of perspective and material, all combine to suggest an untouchable reality.
Helen Sear’s work has been published in Arts Review, Creative Camera, Art Newspaper and Art Monthly amongst others. Collections holding her work include Ernst & Young, Victoria & Albert Museum, British Council (Rome) and the Paul Wilson Collection. She lives and works in Wales (UK).

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Dr. Christiane S., 2015

Series Title: Puppenhaus
Number of artworks at AIPAD: 3
Edition: 2 + 1AP
Size: Various
Medium: Hand-made photo-collage (mixed media)
Year: 2015–2016

With this new series, Cornelia Hediger brings together meticulously constructed photographs, that are inspired by the photo collages of Hannah Hock, John Heartfield and Grete Stern. The artist builds her fine artworks from a combination of digital and traditional photographs, scanned wallpaper, cardboard and paint. The 'imperfections' are left visible, thus making the work a rich site/sight of construction including irregular cuts and pencil marks. 

The narratives are built from the artist's own biography, family artifacts, memories from her past and images of landscapes from traveling through Italy, Switzerland and Germany. All of these, she combines with photographs made in her New York home and her studio. 

Additional Edition:
18"x18" image on 24"x20" sheet
Silver Gelatin

Cornelia Hediger (b.1967) holds a BA Fine Arts and and MA Fine Arts from the Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University. Her work can be found in several private collections in the US and Europe. She was a PDN's 30 Awardee in 2009, and has exhibited across the US, Canada and Switzerland. She lives and work in New York.