Friday, May 15, 2015


Venice Biennale Review – Pippa Koszerek for Artist Newsletter

"Helen Sear’s sumptuous photographic prints and films, in the Wales in Venice exhibition, reveal layers and depth lent by the physical materiality of these sculpturally displayed pieces. Her exquisite mastery of the manipulated image creates abstracted experiences of nature that can be profound.
But of course they would be – Sear is technically and conceptually rigorous, often returning to film and photograph works anew many times over. Time, space and renewal are central elements within her practice.
Stack, 2015 © Helen Sear

This is a deeply sensory exhibition, subtly curated to sit within the architecture of Santa Maria Ausiliatrice church. There is a kind of ritual and ceremony, an enchantment propelled by the rhythm of the flickering spliced edit of company of trees.

The repetitious sounds of birdsong and chainsaw follow the viewer into the Sacrista where birds feed, dart and return in altar and the ground swells and expands as we look down onto the beginning and end of things, at what could be a marble basin but is in fact a video-manipulated pool of water reflecting trees high above.
Moving through this exhibition is a captivating and magical experience. stacks, a huge photographic piece which lines the entirety of one wall, is a life-size confrontation of farmed logs. Composed of multiple images printed on aluminium and stacked along the wall, this black and white piece cleverly refracts and retains colour and light, ever changing as the viewer walks past, creating an effect not dissimilar to that experienced in nature itself.
Sear’s final work subtly references Mantegna’s third painting of Saint Sebastian, using it as a spatial guide onto which she places her own imagery and meaning. The vivid colour of the rape seed, the red arrows piercing canvas and air rather than flesh, along with the clever layering of perspective and material, suggest an untouchable reality. Sear’s contemplative and exhilarating exhibition is a visual revelation".–Pippa Koszerek

This review is quoted from a more expansive piece, published on the Artist Newsletter website here.

Saturday, May 9, 2015


The Experience Wales in Venice website has just been launched.

The website provides an excellent overview of the Welsh Pavilion at the Santa Maria Austiliatrice, including interviews with the artist, Helen Sear,  and the curator, Stuart Cameron. In addition to being a spotlight on the exhibition and artworks, the website provides an excellent insight into the Welsh Pavilion overall – information for teachers/educators, a spotlight on the artist/invigilators and background information on the entire team involved. 

Importantly, if you're not in Venice to see the exhibition in person—which opens to the public today—it also provides a slide show of all the artworks that form the exhibition.  

The website will continue to upload news about '... the rest is smoke' throughout the 56th Venice Biennale, which runs through to November 22, 2015. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015


We are delighted to share news of Helen Sear's exhibition at the 56th Venice Biennale.

"... the rest is smoke"
9 May – 22 November, 2015
Santa Maria Austiliatrice

Known as one of Wales’ most significant contemporary artists, Helen Sear's practice can be characterized by her exploration of the crossover between photography and fine art, her focus on the co-existence of the human, animal, and natural worlds.
With an exemplary track record for producing high quality, conceptually rigorous work, Helen Sear’s current work shows particular maturity and sophistication, seamlessly moving between expanded notions of photography, sculpture and video, with the artist exhibiting great command of different materials and production processes.
Following the press preview, and on the occasion of the special luncheon to preview the exhibition with curators and critics, we're pleased to share here, a video walk-through of the exhibition. 

Please return to the gallery Blog as we reveal more information regarding Helen Sear's artworks, commissioned especially for the Venice Biennale.

Acquisition inquiries should be directed to Debra Klomp Ching / +1 212 796 2070

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Photographs by Ken Rosenthal (left) and Antony Crossfield (right) installed in NYC homes. 

Owner of the Klompching Gallery, Debra Klomp Ching, was recently interviewed for the 'Long Island For Sale' Real Estate website. In the article, she talks about the process for buying original fine art photographs for the private home.
"The right artwork will be one that 'lives'. What I mean by that, is that you discover something new in the work over time, and that your relationship with it - or appreciation of it - alters and grows ... We have many clients who bought their first original artwork from us, and keep returning to build their collection".—Debra Klomp Ching
The link to the full interview is here. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Wish, 2005

Series Title: Snowbound
Number of artworks at AIPAD: 2
Edition: 15 + 2APs
Size: 28" x 36"
Medium: C-Type
Year: 2003-2007

Photographed over the course of five winters, the landscapes in Snowbound are pristine in their sparse whiteness. The minimalist compositions have a meditative quality that causes the spectator to be drawn into the perfected white-on-white. They exude a neutrality of tone in which the ground recedes into the sky, mirroring the envelopment of human presence by the binding snowfall. Accents of color are signs that betray the empty loneliness; they prick through the whiteness, at times with a surreal incongruity. As quiet observations of our human condition, these metaphorical studies perceptively capture notions of transience, loss and enlightenment. 

The critically acclaimed series was published as a monograph by Kehrer Verlag in 2007, and the photographs went on to be exhibited across numerous venues in the US and internationally. 

Lisa M. Robinson graduated cum laude from Columbia University and received her MFA in Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design. She has won several awards including a Fullbright Grant, was an Evelyn Stefansson Nef Fellow at the MacDowell Colony and an artist-in-residence at the Pouch Cove Foundation in Newfoundland. Her work is represented in the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts (Houston), Museum of Photographic Arts (San Diego), Ogden Museum of Southern Art and Fidelity Investments amongst others.

At the AIPAD Photography show, two Artist Proofs of Wish and Solo are presented for sale. With the edition of these two artworks now sold out, these photographs are the last available to acquire.