Thursday, February 14, 2013

Emma Livingston in Loupe

Noa 17-6 (2007) ©Emma Livingston

Emma Livingston's Noa series is featured in the February issue of Loupe, published by Boston University's Photographic Resource Center.

"With their textures, colors, and depictions of space, Livingston's square format images of the Argentine Northwest are abstract ruminations of landscape that engage, intrigue, and sometimes disorient the viewer". –Francine Weiss

Follow this link to the gallery website, where you can download a PDF of the original article.

The Noa series is available to acquire as follows, with the full series viewable on our website here.

35.5" x 35.5", Edition: 7 + 2 AP's
43.3" x 43.3", Edition: 7 + 2 AP's

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