Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Caetera Fumus, 2015

Edition: 5 + 2AP
Size: 41"x33"
Medium: C-Type mounted to plexi
Year: 2015
Helen Sear is renowned as one of Wales’ most significant contemporary artists. Her practice can be characterized by her exploration of the crossover between photography and fine art, her focus on the co-existence of the human, animal, and natural worlds.
With an exemplary track record for producing high quality, conceptually rigorous work, Helen Sear’s current work shows particular maturity and sophistication, seamlessly moving between expanded notions of photography, sculpture and video, with the artist exhibiting great command of different materials and production processes.
The photographic artwork pictured here, was showcased at the 56th Venice Biennale (2015), where she represented Wales with a solo exhibition in the Santa Maria Ausilliatrice. Caetera Fumus subtly references Mantegna’s third painting of Saint Sebastian, using it as a spatial guide onto which Sear has placed her own imagery and meaning. The vivid color of the rape seed, the red arrows piercing canvas and air rather than flesh, along with the clever layering of perspective and material, all combine to suggest an untouchable reality.
Helen Sear’s work has been published in Arts Review, Creative Camera, Art Newspaper and Art Monthly amongst others. Collections holding her work include Ernst & Young, Victoria & Albert Museum, British Council (Rome) and the Paul Wilson Collection. She lives and works in Wales (UK).

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